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  • Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

    Practicing good dental hygiene and making frequent dental visits to your family dentist can prevent you from tooth loss and decay — which can make eating difficult and smiling embarrassing — as well as keep your smile pearly white. Your teeth are composed of dentin, which is the outer layer of your teeth, and tooth […]

  • Four Beverages You Should Avoid to Keep Your Teeth Looking Great

    Of all the cosmetic dental work Americans spend their money on, professional teeth whitening is doubtlessly one of the biggest expenses. According to Research America, Americans spend $1.4 billion a year on the cosmetic dentistry procedures to have their teeth whitened. While many know they can avoid the cost of whitening teeth by not eating […]

  • Dentures More Than Just a New Smile

    Your teeth are the gateway to many other systems in your body — your immune system, your vasculature, your endocrine system, and, of course, your digestive system. So a healthy set of teeth doesn’t just give you a pretty smile. It also keeps you healthy. When we start to lose teeth, a cascade of health […]

  • Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist to Help You With Dental Implants

    The toughest part of the body is actually the enamel in teeth. But this doesn’t mean that teeth aren’t susceptible to problems. For example, enamel can be fortified with the help of sesame seeds, a great source of calcium that can also get rid of plaque. Other issues such as poor breath can be due […]