Four Beverages You Should Avoid to Keep Your Teeth Looking Great

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Of all the cosmetic dental work Americans spend their money on, professional teeth whitening is doubtlessly one of the biggest expenses. According to Research America, Americans spend $1.4 billion a year on the cosmetic dentistry procedures to have their teeth whitened. While many know they can avoid the cost of whitening teeth by not eating or drinking junk food, whether potato chips or the Big ‘n Fatty from their favorite fast food restaurant, very few realize that the things doing the most damage to their teeth are their favorite beverages. If you’re tired of having to shell out to cover the cost of whitening teeth, here are four beverages you really ought to cut back on.

Four Beverages You Should Cut Back on to Avoid the Cost of Teeth Whitening

  1. Red and White Wines
  2. Huffington Post writes that one of the most damaging drinks for our teeth is, unfortunately, red and white wine. Over the last decade, the U.S. has become one of the biggest consumers of wine. Alas, because of the high sugar content in wine, it feeds plaque and encourages the staining of our pearly whites.

  3. Coffee, The Fuel of Life
  4. Coffee is one of those vices that a huge majority of Americans love to start their days with, even if family dentists have been trying to get us to cut down for forever. As points out, too much coffee can turn your teeth an unpleasant shade of awful before you know it. At the very least, try to keep it to only one mug a day.

  5. Sports Drinks Kill Smiles
  6. Sports drinks are one of those inventions that offered great promise, but in popular adaptation have proven to be a blight on human health. Chock full of sugars and electrolytes, sports drinks, as suggests, are great for giving athletes a boost of energy. At the same time, they’re also highly effective at wearing down our enamel. Avoid them.

  7. The Full Selection of Teas
  8. Of all the drinks to cut down on to avoid the cost of whitening teeth, tea is doubtlessly the most unfortunate. Known for helping burn fat, reducing blood pressure, and being delicious, tea has rightfully earned its title as a health food. If you want to keep your teeth looking great, however, tea is something you should avoid. The tannic acid in tea both wears down enamel and stains teeth. That’s a double-whammy nobody needs.

Have you noticed any difference in the appearance of your teeth since you cut back on these beverages? Share your experiences with us in the comments below! For more about this, go here.