Dentures More Than Just a New Smile

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Your teeth are the gateway to many other systems in your body — your immune system, your vasculature, your endocrine system, and, of course, your digestive system. So a healthy set of teeth doesn’t just give you a pretty smile. It also keeps you healthy.

When we start to lose teeth, a cascade of health problems can begin. We can’t chew our food as efficiently, so we might shy away from some of the things our body needs, such as nuts and fibrous fruits and vegetables. The shape and configuration of our mouth begins to change as well, so we’re more likely develop soreness and possibly even TMJ disorder, as the muscles of our jaw try to compensate for the new shift.

Missing teeth can also open the mouth up to infection, which can in turn lead to cardiac complications. If a tooth is lost due to tramua or disease, the part of the gum that used to be pressed up against the tooth is suddenly exposed, and vulnerable to whatever antigens might be floating around. Infected gums have also been linked to poor blood sugar control in many diabetics.

Dentures can fix this. From a mechanical standpoint, they provide the means to chew food once again, so that a person can not only get all the nutrients they need from the most natural sources possible (i.e. the foods they eat, rather than supplements), but they can also eat the food they enjoy eating, without restriction.

From a protective standpoint, they can help fill in the spaces left by missing teeth, spaces that can expose the sensitive gums to disease. Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone to act as a surrogate root for a false crown, and that implant provides the same contact-based protection that the original root did — namely, covering the inner surface of the socket to keep out bacteria harmful.

If you’ve been hesitant to get dentures because of the stigma so often associated with traditional false teeth (the ones held in place by messy and unreliable adhesive paste), ask your dentist about dental implants. They allow dentures to look and function exactly like natural teeth, to keep you hale, healthy, and happy. Research more here.

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