Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

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Practicing good dental hygiene and making frequent dental visits to your family dentist can prevent you from tooth loss and decay — which can make eating difficult and smiling embarrassing — as well as keep your smile pearly white. Your teeth are composed of dentin, which is the outer layer of your teeth, and tooth enamel, which is the hardest substance found in the human body.

Without proper oral hygiene, this enamel and dentin can start to crack and wear down, making it easier for food and drink to stain those once white teeth. To prevent staining, brushing and flossing is obviously a must, but many people have sworn by a specific teeth whitening procedure — such as pens, gels, trays, and trips.

However, the most successful teeth whitening procedure is teeth whitening laser treatment, which is performed by a cosmetic dentist in-house. Laser teeth whitening is much more effective than teeth bleaching at home, which can be messy, unsafe, and may leave shades of discoloration afterwards.

The laser teeth whitening procedure uses a hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel with concentrations ranging from 25 to 40 percent, which is much more concentrated than any off-the-counter teeth whitening products you will find. It is applied to your teeth after your lips and gums are properly protected, and a whitening accelerator light is focused on the teeth to help achieve their maximum shade of white — all within an hour.

Most advanced laser procedures can leave your teeth up to 12 times lighter, and it is safe and comfortable to undergo as well as cost effective. Although it is the most expensive teeth whitening option on the market today, ranging from $500 to $2,500, it is well worth the price.

Patients will experience immediate results and at most will only need to sit in the chair for two sessions depending on how white they want their smile. So is laser teeth whitening for you? Well, if you have lots of money but no time to waste, this would be your best bet.

Unlike any medical procedure, there may be a few mild side effects, but normally these subside after just a few hours to a couple days. Some patients experience tooth sensitivity, during which they should avoid extremely hot and extremely cold beverages. Gum irritation has also been known to occur; signs include puffiness and redness that should subside after around 48 hours. Pregnant women are discourage from receiving this treatment because not enough research exists to state that the procedure does not harm an unborn child.

If you are considering laser teeth whitening, talk to a cosmetic dentist and schedule a free consultation about how white you’d like your smile and how you will be paying for the treatment. They may be able to offer you a number of payment options. More.

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