Ancient Celts Used Dental Implants as Aesthetic Accessory

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According to a new archaeology dig out of France, bling-bling isn’t just for the hip hop stars; ancient Celts may have had shiny smiles too. Archaeologists uncovering a Celtic burial site in La Chene, France, found a dental implant in a skeleton there that dates back to the third century B.C.

The implant is composed of an iron pin, which likely screwed into the gum and held a decorative tooth in place. Although archaeologists are not sure what the fake tooth was made out of, they suspect it was something flashy. This is because the tooth they replaced is a central maxillary incisor — one of the teeth most easy to see when you smile. For this reason, Guillaume Seguin, one of the archaeologists involved with the study, says that the decision to replace the tooth was “probably aesthetic.”

Today, patients are more likely to receive implants in order to replace lost teeth, although there are, of course, aesthetic benefits to having a full set of teeth. What are dental implants? Although the surgical procedure is much more safe, precise, and long-lasting than it likely was in the time of the Celts, the basic procedure is much the same. A local dentist will insert a rod — typically titanium — into the jawbone of your mouth. After the area has had time to heal, a false tooth is added to the top. Once this happens, the implant has both the look and feel of a real tooth, and requires minimal additional upkeep.

A new article from Health AIM says that dental implants are now more popular for patients than bridges and dentures. Part of the reason is likely that patients are more easily able to access affordable dental implants than in the past. Another reason is that, as the dental community becomes more comfortable with implants, they are more likely to recommend them as a long-term solution. Dentures, unlike implants, have to be remade for the mouth multiple times, since it will change shape with age.

How much do dental implants cost? It depends on insurance, how many implants you need, and what your dentist recommends. On average they can be between $2,000 and $4,000 per tooth.

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