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  • Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants

    For those who are interested in implants, which are also referred to as dental fixtures, it is important to know about the procedure. There are millions of individuals in the United States who suffer from tooth loss from gum disease and tooth decay. When individuals have missing teeth, it can cause an array of problems, […]

  • Ancient Celts Used Dental Implants as Aesthetic Accessory

    According to a new archaeology dig out of France, bling-bling isn’t just for the hip hop stars; ancient Celts may have had shiny smiles too. Archaeologists uncovering a Celtic burial site in La Chene, France, found a dental implant in a skeleton there that dates back to the third century B.C. The implant is composed […]

  • Same Day Dental Implants and Less Pain

    Dental implants are specially designed teeth that are incredibly similar to real teeth. The “root” is made out of titanium and fits inside where the old tooth has been extracted. Then an abutment is placed to hold the crown, bridge, or dentures in place. The titanium rod takes time to heal because the bone surrounding […]

  • Brighten Your Smile With Dental Implants

    Our smiles are our calling cards to the world. They make a strong first impression and can communicate what words cannot. We go to great lengths to keep our smiles bright and healthy. Sometimes however, due to illness or injury, we need to enlist professional help. In these cases we may find ourselves asking questions […]