Tooth Facts so Crazy They Will Drive You to The Dentist

Implant dentures

Many feel like locating the best teeth whitening kits is the most pressing dental issue in their lives. However, your pearly whites aren’t just good for cosmetic value. Tooth health is very closely connected with general health. Not to mention, if you have ever had a bad tooth ache, you know that teeth can do a lot more harm then making us look bad! Avoid the emergency dental clinic by taking notice of these tooth facts.

Nearly 1/4 of people 20-64 have untreated cavities, also known as tooth decay.
Tooth decay can allow harmful items like plaque to get into your body through your teeth. It may not seem all that important, but your long term health depends on your tooth health! About 5% of people in this same age range have no teeth at all. To avoid this reality, keep up with your dental health and not just your teeth whitening kits.

3 Million Americans have dental implants.
A dental implant is put in place of a tooth that is missing. This market is expected to reach $5 billion by 2018. However, you probably don’t want to be spending your income on new teeth if you don’t have to. Dental implants require sedation dentistry and can get expensive. One way to prevent tooth decay and the need for a dental implant is to maintain a regular level of fluoride in the mouth. That’s part of why fluoride is added to water.

30% of people 65-74 across the world have no teeth
Teeth are important for your health, you appearance and your digestion. They are the first line of defense for breaking down food! If you have access to dental care, you can avoid being in the 30%.

A smile is a great way to communicate with people and a health smile is an even better way. More can be found here.