Weighing in on Dental Implants

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There is a rumor out there that patients can receive new teeth in a day. Fortunately, this is no rumor — the procedure is real!

This dental cosmetic work involves permanent dental implants for those suffering from tooth loss or decay. Tooth loss can make it very hard for people to eat and embarrassing to smile. A cosmetic dentist can help people achieve the smile they want by restoring the look of one’s teeth by performing dental cosmetic work such as teeth in a day implants.

Teeth in a day implants are the only cosmetic dental procedure that provides the experience of natural, adult teeth. You will be able to eat the foods you want to eat, all awhile undergoing a successful procedure.

Are you a candidate? To determine whether or not you qualify for this surgery, you will need diagnostic work done, such as X-rays and taking molds of your mouth, as well as bone density scans.

Same Day Procedure: If a patient has been wearing a removable denture as a means to solve their tooth loss problem, having same day dental implants is an exciting experience. For this procedure, the prosthesis is screwed into the implants and is immediately stable to use.

Here are a few things a patient should ask a cosmetic dentist during their consultation:
Should I keep my existing teeth? A cosmetic dentist will be able to determine whether or not your teeth are salvageable. If not, they will recommend removing them in order to prevent further bone loss. However, if there is a fighting chance, then the dentist will keep the healthy teeth in tact.

How many implants are needed? Depending on the condition of your jaw bone, you will need a certain amount of implants. Generally, the more implants, the more support you will get from your teeth in a day. Yet there is an All on 4 implant option which only requires a patient to have four implants per jaw.

Is there a possibility of having more implants in the future? This depends on how the first implants are placed in your jaw bone and this also depends on the amount of bone you have remaining. If the implants are angled significantly, this drastically reduces your chances of being able to have more implants.

Is bone grafting necessary? Bone grafting may not need to happen, but most patients do undergo this step of the implant process. Bone grafting preserves the jaw and creates a more stable platform for the implants to sit on. Mini dental implants normally do not need bone grafting.

To qualify for your dental implants, make sure to talk to your dentist and weigh out the pros and cons of having this procedure done. Also discuss costs and payment plans. More like this article.

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