Finding the Best Dentist for Kids

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According to recent statistics, approximately 178 million Americans have missing teeth, and nearly 70% of those between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing at least one. Although the majority of these folks practice good dental hygiene, this probably wasn’t the case when they were younger.

Dental studies have shown that the average American tends to practice more thorough dental hygiene as they mature. However, for many of them this is too little too late, because most of the dental problems they experience in adulthood can be traced back to their childhood dental hygiene practices. This is not to say that poor dental hygiene habits cannot be turned around 100%, but tartar buildup and dental caries that began to develop during their youth will come to haunt them sometime during adulthood.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens for millions of American adults, and the reason that best cosmetic dentists always seem to be busy with older patients. Of course, it is never best practice to stereotype individuals, but the fact remains that teeth get worse with age. The good news is all on 4 dental implants are quickly making traditional dentures obsolete, as more people are opting for their permanence over removable dentures.

Although approximately three millions citizens already have MDI mini dental implants, all on four, or full mouth dental implants are still a fairly new procedure. This means that many old folks are yet to catch on. And when they do, you can bet that many of them will look forward to having their dentures replaced with implants.

While the advances in dental implant technology are exciting, a top dentist for kids plays a crucial role in helping children develop the dental hygiene habits to avoid having all of their teeth replaced later in their lives. This is why many parents take extra care in choosing the best dentist for kids. After all, humans only have one shot at keeping their natural teeth.

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