Sleep Apnea — How it Affects Americans and How We Combat It

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Studies show that over 18 million Americans have sleep apnea. What this means is that about 5-6% of our country doesn’t get anywhere near as much night’s sleep as they should be getting. It’s not for lack of effort, or schedule, or anything — it has more to do with the fact that sleep apnea makes it very difficult for people to comfortably breath while sleeping. This disrupts oxygen intake and retention, which in turn diminishes not only the quality of sleep, but the amount of time a person actually spends sleeping.
This can have tremendous impact on a person’s health. Over half of all sufferers of sleep apnea will face a diagnosis of hypertension at some point in their lives. The link is clear — allowing sleep apnea to rule your night’s sleep can have unforeseen and unintended consequences on your overall health.
Thankfully, there are over 100 FDA approved devices like mouthpieces for sleep apnea and other oral appliances available for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (sometimes known as OSA) and chronic snoring.
Many come as a sort of variant of a mouthpiece, which either provides air, or attempts to keep your airways open, so your night’s sleep isn’t disrupted by irregularities in your breathing. There are other remedies for this sort of ailment — sometimes patients may opt to have a surgeon intervene and do what they can in that regard. However, many find the mouthpieces to be extraordinarily helpful. Think of them like a mouthpiece for sleep apnea.
When you use mouthpieces for sleep apnea, you can expect to get a better night’s rest, and also to see better performance throughout the day in a number of regards. You’ll probably be able to think clearer, your mood will be much improved, and you’ll feel like a totally different person.
If anyone you know has sleep apnea or a similar problem getting their fair share of shut-eye, feel free to share the above information with them in order to give them a similarly high chance of making a decision about improving their sleeping habits. It can profoundly improve virtually every other area of life!