Four Things To Know Before You Get Your First Dentures

Dental prosthesis

Whether you’re missing just a couple teeth or you need a complete set of replacement teeth, it’s absolutely essential to your health that you get replacement teeth put in place. While more people are being drawn to dental implants (a more permanent solution to tooth loss, and one that can get a bit pricey and requires surgery), cosmetic dentures are still one of the best solutions available. Here are a few things you should know before making an appointment at your closest denture clinic:

  • If you automatically picture a set of wooden dentures when you think about this dental solution, that’s not even close to what dentures today are like! Dentures are incredibly comfortable, and although there are a few different types of dentures available, each type is created at a denture clinic to fit your mouth perfectly.

  • Many people are hesitant to find tooth loss solutions because they have plenty of healthy teeth still left, but it’s important to realize that you don’t necessarily have to get a whole set of new teeth when you get dentures. Denturists can offer both partial and full dentures, depending on how many teeth are already missing (and/or factoring in any teeth that are in the process of decaying).

  • The cost of dentures is comparatively low if you’re trying to decide between dentures and dental implants, and many dental insurance companies will cover the cost. However, it’s important to know that dentures do require some ongoing maintenance; you’ll have to budget for adhesive paste with most temporary dentures, and you’ll also have to pay for your dentures to be re-fitted every few years.

  • The immediate effects of dentures may seem uncomfortable for the most part: you’re likely to experience some slight irritation at first, and chewing/talking can feel awkward. Just remember that these problems are temporary and that you’ll feel very comfortable with your new teeth, and that you can always ask your denture clinic for advice if something feels off.

Ultimately, dentures are something that will take some adjustments — and in some cases, dental implants could be a better option. But there’s no reason to ignore this option altogether before visiting your local denture clinic and finding out what a new set of teeth can do for you!