Getting Dentures for the First Time? Here’s What You Need To Know

Titanium dentures

Getting your first set of cosmetic dentures can be a bit scary, especially if your only experience with dentures is seeing a random set of teeth sitting on your grandparents’ bathroom counter when you were little. Luckily, cosmetic dentures today have changed quite a bit from the dentures that your grandparents wore, and they’re one of the most popular options for tooth replacement. That being said, you probably have a few weird questions on your mind — so here are just three questions, and answers, to help you feel a little more comfortable with your new teeth:

Will dentures feel uncomfortable at first, and how long will it take for this to go away? Because there are a few different types of dentures and some cosmetic dentures make use of permanent implants to anchor down temporary teeth, the amount of discomfort and the healing time that each patient experiences will vary as well. Additionally, if a patient has a weak jawbone or has multiple teeth replaced at once, it’s likely that the healing time will take a bit longer. In general, patients experience minimal discomfort when getting dentures fitted for the first time — but this usually goes away within a few weeks as the gums and jaw begin to reshape themselves to fit the dentures.

Do cosmetic dentures look any less natural than dental implants? Nope! You may notice that your dentures look a little bit different from the “adult” teeth you once had, but if anything, you’ll probably notice some positive differences in the way you look! Denturists are able to customize the cosmetic dentures that they provide to each patient, and they know how to create the best set of dentures to complement your facial features in the best possible way.

Are there any limitations with eating or talking when wearing dentures? Denturists usually recommend that patients stay away from particularly sticky or chewy foods at first, especially if you’re getting cosmetic dentures for the first time. Some people notice that there’s a clicking sound when eating or talking, which is a sign that your dentures don’t fit your gums perfectly, and which can be fixed quickly at the closest denture clinic.

Now it’s your turn to contribute! If you’re in the process of getting dentures, what’s the biggest question on your mind? If you’ve already had dentures for a while, what’s something you wish you had known when you first got them? Be sure to share any of your questions or bits of advice in the comments section! More.