Three Easy Ways to Ensure That People Will Absolutely Hate Your Dental Website

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We all know that marketing in the digital age means using the internet, for every business, including dentistry. There is a myriad of techniques and strategies to implement to make your web presence an effective part of your dental marketing, but the thing you need to pay the most attention to is your dental website. Here are three things to do if you really want people to hate your website.

Make it impossible to use
The first thing you should ensure is that your website is really difficult to use. Make sure that the web design is poor and the site looks like it was last updated in 1996. People absolutely hate this. Being unable to navigate your website will undoubtedly cause them to hit the back button and find your competitor’s superior website — in about two clicks.

Never optimize it for mobile
Another thing you should never do if you really want people to hate your website is never, ever optimize it for mobile viewing. The majority of people have one or more devices and mobile web browsing is expected to surpass that on desk tops in just a couple of years. If you want to stay behind on the times and not reach new dental patients where they want to find you, make sure your website is only easily viewed on a desktop computer.

Don’t offer any useful information
The last tip we have for you to make people absolutely hate your website is to make sure there is no helpful or accurate information on your site. Don’t add any information about who you are, how qualified you are, your hours of operation, or the location of your clinic. People will definitely hate that.

What you need to do to make sure that people love your website is make sure that it’s of high quality design, that it’s attractive and user friendly, it’s responsive, and full of accurate and useful information — the best dental websites have all of these features. Since your website is going to be the cornerstone of your dental marketing system, you’ll be glad you did.

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