The Skinny on Dental Insurance

Family and cosmetic dentistry

Have you been considering cosmetic dentistry in order to fix or enhance the appearance of your smile? The best cosmetic dentists will be able to perform any procedure you need done. However, most people do not opt for cosmetic and family dentistry because the cost can be a burden.

Even the best cosmetic dentists may not have the best payment options for the procedure you need. Cosmetic dentistry costs can vary widely, depending on where you go. However, in-house procedures such as teeth whitening will run anywhere from $450 to $650. Meanwhile, implant dentures may cost up to $10,000. The dental implant market in the U.S. is expected to reach $5 billion by 2018, yet only 10% of dentists currently perform the procedure. Because of the shortage of specialists, top-of-the-line cosmetic surgery is expensive.

Because dental insurance for cosmetic dentistry is very difficult (though not impossible) to find, your best option to save on dental costs would be to undergo routine teeth cleaning, which can prevent expensive cosmetic work in the future by maintaining good oral health. It has been estimated that roughly 178 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth, while almost 100% of adults have had at least one dental cavity worldwide. This is due to not seeing a dentist on a regular basis.

When searching for the top cosmetic dentists, always check to see if they are an AACD member because chances are their practice may offer some of the best payment methods. Dental insurance can often be provided by your employer or can be purchased independently. However, keep in mind that most insurance options do not cover cosmetic work, because it is often deemed “unnecessary.”

Before you settle for the best cosmetic dentists in the area and have an expensive procedure done, check with your dental insurance company and ask them about your coverage levels and charges.

You can also opt to pay cash for a cosmetic procedure; you may actually be surprised that some dentist offices offer a discount policy for those who pay cash. For those who are really strapped for cash and they are in great need of specific dental work, offices can give out short-term dental loans, as long as you are in good standing and your credit score is reasonable.

Using a credit card should be your last resort, because extending the payments over a long period of time can be very expensive. Be sure to get a complete estimate of your total costs from your family or cosmetic dentist. Have a chat with the financing department and see what payment methods they recommend for you. Visit here for more.

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