The Top Three Ways the Face of the Dental Industry Has Changed in Recent Years

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Even the affordable dental implants all on 4 style can be pretty expensive since they involve such new and innovative techniques, but those “affordable dentists” aren’t the only new feature in the dental world. There have been a lot of changes in the dental world over the past few years. Here are three of the biggest changes:

1. Teeth Whitening

The average cost of teeth whitening at the dentist, even from the best cosmetic dentist in the world, has been dropping. The tech is improving and the stigma around teeth whitening, so cheap dentists have been finding more and more work. Over the past five years, teeth whitening procedures in America have risen by over three hundred percent. On top of that…

2. Dental Veneer

For all that teeth whitening has been popularized, the more permanent solution is just as popular. Dental veneer procedures have increased by two hundred fifty percent in the past five years as well. All of these procedures have become increasingly cheap and available as the years pass, so it makes sense that they would become more popular. It isn’t just cosmetic procedures that are becoming more popular though.

3. Dental Implants

Dental implants all on 4 style and other dental implants are also becoming more common. Each year, it has been estimated by the AAID that about five hundred thousand more Americans get dental implants. Surely the dental industry is booming, just like the tooth aches of some of the dentists’ customers. What do you think of their new-found success? Research more here.

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