Finding a Dentist A Practical Guide


Finding a dentist shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. Unless, you know, you need some teeth pulled, and that’s why you’re finding a dentist. But the process of finding a dentist shouldn’t be like pulling teeth, is what I mean. Okay, let me start over.

Finding a dentist shouldn’t be difficult.

Of course you can use the Internet, but everyone uses the Internet. Be original! Be a trend-setter! Go out there and Actually Talk to Someone! Or at least start with the Internet, and then go talk to someone.

Talk to who, you might ask? Well, depending on how many search results you get back for local dentists, you might want to narrow the field a bit by interviewing them. That’s right: you can interview your dentist. They need you every bit as much as you need them, so you can — and should — talk to several of them and choose the one that gives you the best vibe. After all, it’s probably in your best interest to be 100% comfortable with and confident in the person jamming pokey metal things into your mouth. And sometimes drills.

Some people go to a family member who happens to be a dentist, and they don’t need to scour the countryside for a dentist. But some people are extremely wary of that kind of cross-pollination of relationships. If you fall into the latter category, don’t forget: you can still ask your dentist relative for recommendations. If there’s one thing I know about dentists, it’s that dentists know other dentists. Use that to your advantage. And that goes for any dentist you don’t feel comfortable with, for whatever reason. Don’t write them off completely. Pillage their Rolodex first.

And finally, if you can’t ask a dentist which dentist you should go to, try asking their patients. Pull up a list of your Facebook contacts, pick the friend with the nicest teeth, and ask them who they go to. Make sure they haven’t had any work done, though, if you’re only looking for a general dentist (also called a family dentist) for dental cleanings and exams and the occasional free toothbrush. Continue reading here: Cerec dentist kirkland

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