What is the Price of Porcelain Veneers?

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The price of porcelain veneers can vary based on location and the dentist. But the price of porcelain veneers is usually not too expensive. Dental porcelain veneer are thin layers of porcelain which are bonded directly to the teeth to give the a more luxurious smile. Dental cosmetic surgery usually refers to any of the procedures that improve the appearance of an individual’s teeth, gums, or bite without improving the function.

The largest international dental organization worldwide is the The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Approximately 81$ of children ages two to 17 have been to the dentist within the past year, according to the CDC. More than 30 million Americans have lost all their teeth in one or both jaws. Over 15 million American have had replacements for missing teeth including crowns and bridges. People are missing teeth but it is becoming more popular to have cosmetic dentistry performed so the price of porcelain veneers may decrease due to more patients.

About 3 million people in the United States have at least one dental implant. The 3 million is growing by approximately 500 thousand people each year. Out of adults ages 35 to 44, 69% have lost at least one permanent tooth. This is usually due to an accident, failed root canal procedure or gum disease. Dental restoration however, refers to the function and integrity of the teeth and dental implants are the only cosmetic dental procedure that offer a natural feel, appearance, and function of natural teeth. However porcelain veneers are less complicated making the price of porcelain veneers less expensive. Learn more about this topic here.

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