Three Things to Expect During an All on Four Dental Implant Procedure

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For Canadians who are missing most or all of their teeth, traditional dental implants can seem like an overwhelming prospect that requires anywhere from six to eight or more separate implants in the patient’s jaw. Luckily, advances in cosmetic dentistry have resulted in all on four dental implants, which only require four implants in the jaw and require none of the bone grafting of traditional implant procedures.

If you have chosen to undergo the all on four dental implant process, it’s completely normal to feel anxious before the surgery. However, there’s no reason to worry — the procedure for all on four implants is extremely safe, successful and painless.

Here are the three things you should expect when you get your all on four implants:

1. Consultation: Before undergoing surgery for all on four implants, you will have to meet with your cosmetic dentist, who will then determine if you’re healthy enough to undergo the procedure and discuss fees. A certified lab technician will take measurements for crafting a custom set of teeth, which you will receive after the all on four implants are made.

2. Placement of the implants: All on four implants are titanium posts that are implanted in the bone of your jaw, which will act as the root of your replacement teeth. Each implant takes about two and a half hours to complete. You will more than likely be sedated for your surgery, meaning you will neither feel pain nor hear the sounds of drilling that could cause anxiety.

3. After the procedure: You can be confident that your all on four implants will heal properly after the surgery is over — studies have shown that all on four implants have an average success rate of about 98%. When you leave the dentist’s office, you’ll have a temporary set of teeth to use while your implants heal. You will have to return for a follow-up appointment about six to eight months after your surgery, at which you’ll receive the permanent teeth for your all on four implants. More can be found here:

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