Are You Unknowingly Ruining Your Teeth?

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Are you prepared for cosmetic dental surgery? If your answer is anything but a resounding yes, you may want to reconsider certain behaviors that are likely to damage your teeth. Too many Americans are taking care of their teeth incorrectly — and most often because they do not know any better. Here are some surprising things you should avoid for the brightest and healthiest smile:

Brushing Your Teeth Right After Eating

Just about everyone suggests that brushing your teeth immediately after meals is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. Many foods and liquids contain acid, which can wear away the protective coating or enamel on your teeth if you brush directly after meals. Waiting 45 minutes to an hour, however, gives acidic foods and beverages time to neutralize — and helps your teeth stay healthy and strong. Be especially mindful to wait at least 45 minutes to an hour to brush teeth after eating highly acidic foods and drinks, such as wine, coffee, citrus fruits, and tea.

Ignoring Side Effects of Hormonal Birth Control

Hormonal birth control pills have more side effects than most women realize. “Because oral contraceptives mimic pregnancy, they can also lead to gum inflammation and infections, including gingivitis,” ABC News explains. ” some studies have shown that women who use birth control pills may have more trouble healing after tooth extractions and are twice as likely to develop painful dry sockets where the tooth used to be.” Talk to traditional and/or the best cosmetic dentists about alternative treatments or procedures that are not negatively affected by birth control pills.

Binge-Eating Crackers

Before it comes to corrective procedures, such as cosmetic dental implants or cosmetic dental veneers, carefully watch your diet and eating habits for an all-natural — and healthy — smile. In addition to sweets and acidic foods, avoid large amounts of starchy foods, like saltine crackers. “The refined carbohydrates found in saltines and many other types of crackers convert to sugar in the mouth very quickly, providing fodder for cavity-forming bacteria,” ABC News explains.

Get your best — and whitest — smile without cosmetic surgery. Carefully consider all side effects of hormonal birth control, watch what foods you eat, and brush 45 minutes after eating to eliminate the need for veneers or cosmetic dental implants. Research more here.

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