Missing Teeth Hurt More than Just Your Smile

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The first mass-produced toothbrush was designed by an English prisoner in 1780. He drilled small holes in a cattle bone, tied boar bristles in bunches, passed the bunches through the holes, which were then glued in place. Luckily advances in dental technology have made leaps and bounds. Also luckily the world has many more toothbrushes so you can replace them much easier.

Toothbrush bristles can harbor bacteria. So not only should you rinse your brush in hot water after each and every use, you should completely replace your brush every three months regardless. Your toothbrush should also be replaced after you have been sick. Both brushing and replacing your toothbrush is something you should be doing regularly.

This in conjunction with regular dental visits will keep the teeth you were born with in your mouth. If it’s too late for this and you are missing teeth already, however, you will want to explore your options with dental clinics regarding a replacement as soon as possible, a procedure in aesthetic dentistry for the best results.

When you are missing a tooth, teeth adjacent to the vacancy have no counter and will lean toward the opening. Subsequently your teeth will lean and crowd. Mini dental implants offer the best replacement option because they surgically fused to your jawbone to function just like your original teeth. They are set and function just like real teeth unlike dentures or veneers.

Many patients might be confused over what is a mini dental implant and what exactly the dental surgery process consists of. Implanted using aesthetic dentistry, A mini dental implant is fused to the jawbone with a 98% success rate. Aesthetic dentistry is required for the procedure to ensure your comfort during the surgery. When asked what is a mini dental implant, dentists also disclose they also offer the longest lasting option for surgical tooth replacement.

True dental implants give you a great looking smile with dental cosmetic and a renewed sense of confidence. But what your dental implant specialist offers goes beyond just cosmetic dentistry. That is because when you are missing a tooth, the bacteria in the opening dissipates throughout your entire mouth, promoting decay in other teeth. Research also suggests this bacteria has a negative impact on your heart health and can effect the longevity of your life.

So your dental implant specialist will give you confidence in your smile, protect other teeth in your mouth from decay and protect your internal health from harmful bacteria in your mouth. So what is a mini dental implant? It is the best option dental and medical science has to offer to replace missing or decaying teeth. See more.

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