Three Ways to Significantly Improve Your Smile

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Did you know that half of all adults in North America were toothless 100 years ago? Although many people still suffer from cosmetic dental issues, modern advances in technology have made it easier for people to improve the appearance of their teeth. The best dentists offer several cosmetic dentistry treatments, and these procedures are all beneficial in their own ways.

1. Dentures. Dentures are sets of false teeth that are designed to treat tooth loss, and they are typically made of acrylic resin. Although the cost of dentures varies depending on how many teeth need to be replaced, dentures are often less expensive than other forms of cosmetic dentistry, such as dental implants. As a result, the cost of dentures makes this treatment option one of the most cost-effective ways to treat tooth loss.

2. Dental implants. Many local dentists also offer dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are small, metal devices that are surgically implanted into the jawbone, and once the jawbone heals, the implants are able to permanently support prosthetic teeth. Mini dental implants are also available, and these implants, which are smaller than 3mm in diameter, are able to replace teeth in smaller sections of the mouth.

3. Teeth whitening. This cosmetic dental procedure is used to brighten teeth. Professional teeth whitening is often performed using a bleaching system, and this treatment helps remove stains that are caused from smoking, coffee, soft drinks, and red wine. Since professional teeth bleaching can make teeth up to eight shades whiter, it is an effective way to brighten teeth.

Although two-thirds of cosmetic dental patients are female, nearly any adult can receive cosmetic dentistry. Dentures, dental implants, and teeth whitening, for example, are three common ways to make teeth look better. By choosing the treatment option that is right for you, you will be able to significantly improve your smile. Find out more about this topic here.

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