What to Expect From a Pediatric Dentist

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Did you know that according to the Center for Disease Control, there’s an estimated 15.6% of children from ages six to 19 who have untreated dental cavities in the United States? Though some may believe otherwise, kids need their family dentist, too, even if their baby teeth are going to fall out anyways. In fact, children should start visiting a pediatric dentist as soon as they get their first tooth.

Choosing a pediatric dentist, though, can be tricky for parents, because there are different requirements expected of them. In addition to offering the top quality oral health care that any general dentist should, a pediatric dentist’s office should provide children with a relaxed setting, making them feel secure, and set the stage for a lifetime of of healthy teeth.

To help you find and select a pediatric dentist for your little one, here’s a list of some considerations to make.

Maintain an Appropriate Environment For Children.

Your child should not develop a fear of the dentist, lest they avoid them later in life and suffer the consequences. To avoid such a situation, the office should cater to children with toys and colorful paint in the waiting room so that the experience is fun. Plus, the pediatric dentist and his or her staff should be welcoming, and above all, friendly. The atmosphere should be positive, as well. The dentist should also respond appropriately to a scared, and crying child.

What Kind of Care Should You Expect?

This dentist will be whom they see from their adolescence through adulthood (unless of course they’ll need braces, in which case they’ll also see an orthodontic dentist as well). This means that you should expect such care as: oral exams, cavity risk assessments, knowledge of dealing with dental habits like thumb sucking, pacifier use and teeth grinding, reparative services, preventive care like cleaning, sealants, and fluoride, assessment of normal tooth development, prevention of gum disease and care of fractured, displaced, or knocked out teeth.

They Should Educate You, as a Parent.

At-home care is a huge part of your child’s oral health, so your pediatric dentist should educate you about it. They’ll instruct you on such things as: how sodas affect teeth, the proper care of infant/baby teeth, the proper handling of knocked-out and/or fractured teeth, and what to expect as permanent teeth come in. What’s more, they should also educate your child on how to brush and floss properly as they get older.

These are the things that you should be aware of as you select a pediatric dentist for your child. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Learn more about this topic here.


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