Family Dental Care

Dental care is an often neglected but very important part of family healthcare. Many families do not regard visits to a dentist as important as visiting their family doctor. Neglecting dental care can result in heart disease lung disease diabetes and oral cancer. Premature births are also a result of poor dental hygiene and neglecting dental care. More importantly families that do not visit dentists regularly for appropriate dental care suffer tooth decay tooth loss and improperly aligned teeth that prevent family members from smiling happily and impacts their psychological well being. The smile is the first characteristic that people notice about a person and to a large extent social acceptance depends on a beautiful smile. Children should be taken to the dentist from the age of three. Proper dental care for their children is the best investment parents can make for the long term health and happiness of their children. Regular visits to the dentist results in long term money saving. Making every effort to give children beautiful smiles from a young age prevents the need for expensive cosmetic smile makeovers when they become adults. Dental care begins at home and it is important for parents to teach children healthy oral habits of brushing their teeth properly from an early age. Parents should also encourage visits to the dentist for proper dental care and make the visit enjoyable for their children. Teenagers should also be educated about the importance of proper dental care and the dangers of adverse habits like smoking tobacco for their general health and appearance. Regular visits to the dentist for routine family dental care will prevent oral cancer tooth loss and dental emergencies that require expensive treatments. Routine family dental care at home and by visiting the family dentist regularly is vital for the overall good health and well being of all members of the family.

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