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  • The One Advantage Most Job Applicants Don’t Have

    With AI and automation taking more and more American jobs, not to mention foreign competition, it’s more and more vital to have every edge possible in today’s job market. While most people know that dressing professionally, a confident job interview, and a well-stocked resume are keys for career success, many applicants know that every aspect […]

  • The Family Dentist as a Route to Conquering Fear

    By adulthood, many Americans have developed a firm avoidance policy to all things dentist. Likely, their family dentist will be unceremoniously blamed, and the nice man who gave out small toys instead of candy will forever be remembered as a slightly nefarious character. Upon reaching adulthood, the only real dental care plan is to never […]

  • The Road to a Perfect Smile Starts at a Dentist Office

    When most people are meeting someone new for the first time or even just greeting a friend, our natural reaction is to smile. In conjunction, a smile is one of the first things many people notice about a person. People are conscious of this which leads to a lot of anxiety surrounding teeth. According to […]