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  • The Family Dentist as a Route to Conquering Fear

    By adulthood, many Americans have developed a firm avoidance policy to all things dentist. Likely, their family dentist will be unceremoniously blamed, and the nice man who gave out small toys instead of candy will forever be remembered as a slightly nefarious character. Upon reaching adulthood, the only real dental care plan is to never […]

  • The Meaning of Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that is growing popular among regular patients, celebrities and more. People refer to the field as being cosmetic because the procedures that patients receive are not necessary for their health or wellness. Most patients obtain such procedures to improve the way that they appear to other people. The […]

  • Same Day Dental Implants and Less Pain

    Dental implants are specially designed teeth that are incredibly similar to real teeth. The “root” is made out of titanium and fits inside where the old tooth has been extracted. Then an abutment is placed to hold the crown, bridge, or dentures in place. The titanium rod takes time to heal because the bone surrounding […]

  • Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist to Help You With Dental Implants

    The toughest part of the body is actually the enamel in teeth. But this doesn’t mean that teeth aren’t susceptible to problems. For example, enamel can be fortified with the help of sesame seeds, a great source of calcium that can also get rid of plaque. Other issues such as poor breath can be due […]