What Is a Fall Arrest System? – Sky Business News

es billions of dollars each year, educating various industries about the most basic international standards and requirements to ensure that employees are safe when on the job. It is for instance, workers who work at heights can be at risk of falling over and injuring themselves. A YouTube video “2 minutes Toolbox Talk: What’s an individual fall arrest system?” identifies one of the safety methods used to protect employees from injury by using a fall arrest device.
Conditions of a Fall-Arrest System

OSHA requires that a fall arrest device be operating properly in order in order to permit a person to safely carry upto 5,000 lbs. In addition, the system must maintain a safety factor that is at minimum two. These systems are predominantly employed in the construction industry but work for all employees working from high places.

It is made up from a number of components that are used in conjunction to ensure that workers remain protected from injuries and stop their falling. The components include the body harness, a body belt, an anchoragedevice, an deceleration device lanyard, a lifeline, or even a combination of the above components.

The fall arrest system is intended to spread the force across vital body organs. It’s crucial to workers who have to work from heights.