How to Utilize a Decorative Concrete Overlay – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

lay. Tim hosts the event, an engineer from Decorative Concrete Virginia. The first thing you need to take care of is to remove any mold and grind off the old paint from the concrete if you have any. The best tools to do this are a HEPA vacuum as well as a hand grinder for the small task.

Following, acidetch concrete. It opens pores and makes it simpler for the concrete overlays to adhere to them. It can be accomplished using phosphoric or muriatic acid. Tim makes use of phosphoric acid. However, you can use any acid accessible. Utilize a pump sprayer spread the acid. After the acid has dried then you are able to wash it using a pressure wash.

Mix the layers. Put water in an empty bucket. Follow this up by putting on a color kit that you mix with an Collomix mixer. This will be the grout color used for the slate design. Pour it on the ground then spread it using the help of a trowel and allow it to cure over night. The next day, apply the concrete overlay and pattern. Now you know how to renovate and improve the concrete patio you have.