Gutter Cleaning and Roof Repair Done Right – First HomeCare Web

. It is possible for moisture to cause harm to the roof’s structure , or damage to the structure of the roof or cause mold. If you are experiencing problems with the roof, a roofing contractor may recommend you have your gutters cleaned and replaced.

It is possible that you do not require DIY roof repair if you keep your gutters in good condition. The gutters may be at the root of something you think is due to your roof. Roof leaks can arise from water damage to the gutters. If this was an minor issue, you don’t need to be concerned about roof repairs or repair.

However, after you’ve repaired the gutters, your roof may have issues and you’ll need to remedy. This could be due to one of your shingles. Get shingles estimates from professionals after confirming the loose shingle caused the problem. A new shingle could also make the roof.