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It is possible to consult with a dental professional in the area for more than your regular biannual exams. There is a chance that you need to see one of the board-certified dentists in the area to give you an orthodontic procedure to shift your teeth.

A board-certified dentist is able to provide braces and aligner trays that can improve your smile. They can help align teeth and provide better bite and chewing. People often seek orthodontic treatment because they wish to be able to smile with confidence they can be proud of. Going to a dentist or an orthodontist for dental work is quite different. The orthodontists work on the teeth, rather than clean them.

A lot of practices employ an orthodontist and dentist at the same office. It is much easier to get referred to an orthodonticst. Additionally, your files can be transferred immediately to them rather than waiting for records to come in. It’s simpler to get orthodontics carried out on a kid and an adult.