A Basic Overview of Bail Bonds – Legal Terms Dictionary


They pay for a bail bond. The bail bond process is the way bail bonds function, as well as the steps you need to take to have your loved one freed from jail quickly.

Someone will be kept in jail till a bail hearing after they have been arrested. At the bail hearing the judge will decide the bail amount. If the bail amount is higher than what the individual can pay then they’ll have to remain in jail until the next court time.

It’s an excellent idea to contact a bail agency to assist in this instance. Call the bail agent and supply them with details like the name of the defendant, the location in the jail they’re at, their bail number, and their charges.

A bail agency typically costs between 10 and 15% of bail amounts. You may also need to give some kind of collateral such as the car or your home in order to guarantee that the person who is being bail out will be able to show on time to court.

Once the bail agent has set the bail bond, suspect is released from the prison up to the time of hearing.

Bail bonds cost a lot, therefore it’s worth considering hiring an agent for bail. If the bail agent is reliable and won’t violate bail requirements or skip their court date this could be an intelligent decision.