How to Design a Beautiful Custom Kitchen You Can Actually Cook In – Food Magazine

Lazed” cabinets were the hottest fashion, but they aren’t so much anymore. Another trend that has fallen out of fashion is open shelving in the kitchen. It is becoming less popular and people are focusing on traditional designs.

First, choose the profile of your cabinet doors and then select your color. Since cabinetry takes up a huge quantity of space in the kitchen, the color of your cabinet determines the mood. Try to choose cabinetry that will allow you to live within for a long time.

Beware of This

A beautiful custom kitchen does need to be equipped with equipment that is found in restaurants. If your guests are 20 and hosting monthly gatherings do not invest in commercial grade equipment in your kitchen. It is not necessary to invest in commercial equipment or design your own “chefs kitchen” for a stunning custom kitchen. Actually the majority of real estate professionals caution against”the chef’s style” because there is no way to recover the cash that you invest in that fridge with a sub-zero temperature.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners commit when designing a beautiful custom kitchen is over-investing in appliances. It is important that you own appliances that you’re satisfied with and can use. That doesn’t mean that you need to obtain another loan in order to finance them. Choose brands you trust capable of getting what you need done. In reality, each appliance comes with a expected duration, meaning that regardless of how much money you pay for your appliances, they’ll eventually need to be replaced. Appliances should be replaced after a period of 10 to 15 years regardless of the cost.

If you are designing your own custom kitchen There are other aspects you must avoid. Avoid putting a pot hanger above the island. It’s unpractical, and just can’t be done anymore. Stay away from the kitchen that is all white. One trend that is on the horizon was white on white. Another style that’s “in”? Farmhouses with skirted and sloping sinks.