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Chat using the pport If you are not able using the chat feature, they will send you an email. It can take up to 7 days to reply to your issue. To top it up, they have DDOs security, which are ideal when working on servers. Virtual gladiators give you the best price when it comes down to servers. Their services will be a huge benefit for users.
You can host your own home
This server is essential to ensure reliability and ease of use and affordable costs. It has plenty of plans as well as a sleek and professional website. You are able to use it only in two countries, France and Canada and they’ll reimburse the money within 7 days in case you aren’t satisfied with the service, which is cool.
Host horde
It’s the perfect Minecraft server hosting firm for you , if cost is not a problem. Although it is costly with the limited plan however, it offers a stunning site layout. Avoid it if you believe the servers ought to start charging two dollars.
MC Pro Hosting
If you want speed and various plans, this is the server for you. The site looks beautiful however, the customer support in case of any issues you encounter is a nightmare.