How Slab Jacking Can Save Your Driveway – Fast Car Video Clips

How to slab-jack your driveways so that you can raise concrete slabs Driveways are able to support many weights and over time they could get uneven or sunken. What can slab jacking do to save the driveway? Slab jacking can help a driveway because it lifts the slab up to make it level with the surface. This prevents cracking and any other harm on the surface.

The initial step in slab jacking is mixing cement. It mixes cement with dirt, Sand, and water in order into a slurry, which is then pumped beneath the slab. The slab jacker holds this mixture in readiness for the next stage. Once the mix is mixed, slab jacking specialists strategically cut holes in the surface of the driveway. Usually, they make holes where the soil is uneven or sunken. uneven. The holes permit them to infuse the cement mix to level driveways.

Then, they use grout to fill the gaps, being sure that the slabs are level with surrounding areas. After grouting every hole it is then time to power wash across the entire area using an auxiliary rod. Then, they fill the holes with concrete before closing their work.