Splitting Wood 101 – Family Tree Websites

Laces on a cold night. A fireplace that is wood-burning can bring a warm and comfortable feel to homes everywhere However, what happens when you have to keep up with the amount of firewood you’ll need? Well, you have a couple of options to acquiring wood for your fireplace. Two options are available that you could hire a business to split the logs for you or cut them yourself. Also, you can split the logs yourself. There are some safety precautions and methods you need to be aware of before you start. In this instructional video, you will discuss the process of splitting wood.

In the beginning, it is essential to have the correct tools. Axes are often thought of as the best tool. is the most appropriate tool however this is not the case. It’s much easier to swing an axe that is wedge-shaped, and is also designed to be able to travel with the grain. To complete some logs you might need an sledgehammer or wedge. Then, search for existing cracks inside the log. Look for them while you swing. Start swinging with your hands close to the wedge. However, let it return to the end of the handle when your swing slows down.