What You Didnt Know About Pest Control – Family Issues Online

rs. They should go to the side and never come back. You’re not alone, you may not be aware of all the pests within your house. Pests can be found in winter or during summer. With winter coming to an end, it’s a right time to get to know the winter pests that will be around when spring comes around. This video explains the five most common winter pests.

In the beginning, one of the most commonly encountered winter pests is Cockroaches. Did you know that around 63% of houses in the U.S are inhabited by cockroaches? Cockroaches transmit 33 varieties of bacteria as well as seven types of parasitic worms. Silverfish are another frequent pest. It is a pest that can tolerate almost any climate and can remain active throughout the winter time. It is not often seen and difficult to recognize. They enjoy eating of glue and other paper products.

This is just a handful of winter pests you should be looking out for the coming winter. Go through the entire video to get to know all five. Call your local pest control agency if you have issues with pests.