102 Year Old Woman Spits Her Dentures Out Onto Her Birthday Cake

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Connecticut woman Louise Bonito recently celebrated her 102th birthday — and not without incident. The upbeat elderly woman chose to forego applying glue to her dentures that morning; it was her birthday after all. Unfortunately, that decision came back to haunt her.

Bonito’s daughter bought her a cake with a three candles, reading one, zero, and two. While blowing out the candles, Bonito also forcibly pushed her dentures out of her mouth. The incident, while funny and now something of a viral YouTube phenomena, was preventable. Here are a few tips to keep all types of dentures in your mouth and in top condition:

Routinely And Thoroughly Clean Dentures

Every year, people all across Canada and the U.S. will spend billions on dental care and services. (Canadians, for instance, pay $12.5 billion annually.) Keeping these costs at bay can be as simple as regularly cleaning partial and full dentures and practicing preventative maintenance. In order to wash your personal dental prosthesis, hold it over a folded towel or a basin filled with water. Use cold or lukewarm water only, and avoid abrasive materials to increase the longevity and protect the durability of permanent dentures. Failing to completely clean a dental prosthesis can also result in irritation and/or infection.

Give Dentures A Once-Over

Correcting small problems is much easier than replacing dentures altogether. While cleaning dentures, it is also wise to take the time to look at them carefully and note any changes. If you notice chewing surfaces becoming dull or chipped, contact your denturist immediately. They will be able to replace a single tooth or piece without replacing the entire dental device, saving you time and money. Similarly, don’t attempt repairs and adjustments on your own. Always consult a professional.

Keep your dentures clean, well-cared for, and in your mouth where they belong. By regularly and properly cleaning dentures and carefully inspecting them, you can keep the dental devices in their very best shape.
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