Is Your Smile Hurting Your Personal Brand?

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What if you could be dreaming of Hawaii and getting your pearly whites made perfect, all at the same time? Conscious sedation dentistry makes it possible to get all the cosmetic dental surgery or dental plans done, but without having to be awake for the horror. About 32% of people agree that they are worried about the appearance of their teeth. That number could be dramatically cut if people realized that dental work can be so much easier with conscious sedation dentistry.

Pretty much everyone agrees that a smile is an important asset socially. In fact, nearly 3/4 of people agree that a bad smile can hurt a persons opportunities in their career. After all, a bad smile can do a lot to hurt your personal brand. Sedation in dentistry helps those who want a great smile but don’t want to be emotionally present for the ordeal. Many suffer from a phobia of the dentist but far more suffer from a smile that does not serve them.

But dental care is on the upswing. Despite anxiety around going to the dentist, around 3 million Americans have implants and that number continues to grow by around 500,000 individuals each year. Those are going for cosmetic dentistry procedures are getting a far better product than ever before. Today’s implants last much longer and are easier to install than implants were just 25 years ago.

Cosmetic and family dentistry can be costly
, no doubt. However, the social cost of a bad smile could certainly outweigh the costs of going under the dentistry lights. If you have insecurities around your smile, consider talking to your dentist about your cosmetic dentistry options. For more, read this link.