The Best Investment is a Good Smile

Teeth whitening at the dentist

While Tyra Banks can pull of smizing, or smiling with her eyes, the rest of us generally resort to using our pearly whites to express ourselves. So many individuals report that the first thing they notice when they meet someone new is their smile but nearly 20 percent of people intentionally smile without their teeth to conceal damage or other embarrasing features. A variety of factors keep people from achieving the perfect smile.
First, it’s hard to know how to find a good dentist! When you want both the best dentist and the most affordable dentist, your search is sometimes halted. Not to mention, those in rural areas may only have access to the local dentist, who may or may not be able to offer the latest technology. For example, sometime it isn’t Invisalign cost that keeps folks from straightening their teeth, but Invisalign availability at their local dentist.
In addition, 25% of individuals ages 20-44 have embarrassing, untreated cavities. Some may be hesitant to approach a dentist because they are afraid of the disarray their dental health is in. When those with cavities wait, dentistry costs only rise. Dental issues are better address right away, before they become more serious.
However, a beautiful smile isn’t all about health. A smile is the best cosmetic! The United States spends around 1.4 billion dollars on products to whiten teeth each year! In addition to being healthy and white, a beautiful smile is also expected to be straight. Invisalign costs nothing compared to the opportunities a unruly smile could cost you.
If Invisalign doesn’t address all your smile needs, dental implants are often a great way to go. Right now, more than 3 million people in the United States have dental implants and around 500,000 new people take advantage of implants each year.
Whether it’s whitening, straightening and strengthening, dental health isn’t an item to be placed on the back burner. From your employer to your family, the first thing others notice about you is your teeth. While interventions can be costly, they may save you in the long term.