3 Ways to Make Your Dental Hygiene Routine Even Better

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Even if you don’t need specialized dental services such as orthodontia, cosmetic dentistry or emergency dentistry, visiting a local family dentist twice a year is an important part of health for both you and your kids. You may think you have your oral hygiene routine down, but here are some habits you can establish at home that will make your family dentist even happier when you come into the dentist office for checkups:

  1. Improve Your Brushing Technique

    First, choose the right tools. Your teeth are more delicate than you might think, so there’s no need for a large, stiff toothbrush. Select a toothbrush with a small head (for better maneuverability) and soft or medium bristles.

    Instead of scrubbing at your teeth, move methodically along the gumline, brushing both sides of your teeth and moving your toothbrush in small circles. As you brush, about a third of your toothbrush should be on your gums, rather than your teeth.

  2. Time Yourself

    You should brush for approximately two minutes each time. Even among adults dedicated to good oral health, this is the most commonly neglected part of brushing. If your electric toothbrush has a timer, committing to a complete brushing session can be easier. If not, keep a small timer in the bathroom for that purpose. If your kids are complaining about how long two minutes feels, find a fun song that lasts about that amount of time and play it, instead.

  3. Floss Correctly

    Flossing is an important part of gum health. Poor gum hygiene can lead to gingivitis, which if left untreated can become periodontal disease or a root canal infection — which can set you up for an emergency appointment with the root canal specialist and, failing that, tooth extraction.

    When you floss, make sure you’re never jamming the floss into your gums, instead hugging the curve of each tooth on either side of the triangles your gums form in between teeth. This means you’ll need to move up and down not once, but twice, in between each tooth to get all the way under the gumline.

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