Orthodontic Treatment More Than Just a Pretty Smile


Orthodontic braces can give you a pretty smile, no doubt about it. But straight teeth are about more than just looks. Here are just some of the ways orthodontic treatment can benefit the non-aesthetic aspects of your life.

Overall Health. The biggest benefit of orthodontic treatment is still being researched, but the connection between our dental health and our overall health is becoming more firmly established with every paper published. Straight teeth and a well-aligned bite pattern provide less opportunity for dental problems, by making all of your teeth easy to access and clean, while simultaneously reducing the number of places for harmful bacteria to hide.

Nutritional Health. Straighter teeth makes for more efficient chewing, and that means no dietary restrictions, or even dietary “uncertainties” (such as, “That looks tasty, but I don’t know if my teeth can handle it”). Crunchy foods, such as nuts or fibrous veggies (like celery or raw broccoli) are actually beneficial to your teeth, as they provide a sort of exercise, actually strengthening the roots with the resistance.

TMJ Relief. A misaligned bite pattern can affect more than just your smile and your chewing ability. Unevenly distributed pressure can cause pain in your temporomandibular joint (a condition called TMJ disorder). Orthodontic treatment can even out the pressure and relieve the tension that can accumulate in the jaw muscles, alleviating the clicking and popping noises associated with TMJ disorder — as well as the soreness.

Braces can provide all of these benefits — and improve the appearance of your smile. With all the advantages, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t contact your orthodontist and see what options are available to get you looking better, feeling healthier, and smiling a whole lot more. Check out this site for more.