Braces for Grownups

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Braces are not just for kids anymore.

Today many adults are seeking out orthodontic specialists to correct their teeth, having missed the opportunity as children for one reason or another. With so many social media outlets focusing on photos (Snapchat, Pinterest, and the ever-looming Book of Faces), straight teeth are becoming a priority for people who may have spent their entire lives being self-conscious about their smiles.

Contemporary adult orthodontics employ the exact same techniques as the traditional orthodontic treatments seen on playgrounds across the country — except with an emphasis on discretion. Most treatments strive to maintain a minimal visible profile, whether by employing clear materials (such as the transparent plastic trays of Invisalign or traditional braces with ceramic “tooth-colored” brackets) or by hiding the entire apparatus itself (as with lingual braces, where the brackets are attached to the tongue-side of the teeth).

However, some of these innovations do come with a higher price tag. Standard metal braces run an average of $4,000, depending on the extent of the correction required, whereas ceramic braces can top $6,000, and lingual braces can easily dip into five figures.

When considering cost, orthodontic specialists tell their adult patients to consider the financial advantage of correction. In high-profile professions, for example, a straight smile is almost prerequisite, as with actors, television personalities, and even politicians. But for anyone, a healthy, confident smile can improve their social, emotional, psychological, and professional lives, turning the price tag into much more of an investment than an extravagance.

Recent trends have shown that, despite the lingering stigma of braces, more and more adults are choosing to spend their money on correction, rather than simply making due with the smile they have. As technologies and materials improve, we may yet see more innovations and advances that make orthodontic correction a reality for an even broader swath of the public. And that’s something to smile about. See more: