Fun Facts About Inventions in Dentistry False Teeth, Dental Floss, and Teeth Whitening Gels

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We all know that taking care of our teeth is important, but just how much do you really know about dentistry and orthodontics? Here are some fun and startling facts about dentistry that you’ll want to share. Your kids may be especially interested in knowing about these, especially if they aren’t too motivated to brush their teeth.

1. You’ve probably heard this myth before: “George Washington had wooden teeth.” Actually, they weren’t made out of wood. His false teeth were actually made from gold, ivory, lead, and the teeth of humans and animals.

2. However, false teeth made from wood were once used, and the first recorded sets of false teeth made of wood were from 16th century Japan. Today, false teeth, also known as dentures, are made from acrylic materials. We also have false teeth known as partial or full dental implants, which replace individual teeth directly into your jaw bone.

3. Today, we have plenty of ways to take care of our teeth; the most common methods are by brushing our teeth, especially with an electric toothbrush, and by flossing. While humans have been using various animal hairs and other materials to brush our teeth for hundreds of years, the very first nylon tooth brush bristles (what we use today) were introduced in 1938. The first electric tooth brush was introduced one year later. The earliest use of dental floss was in 1882, but it wasn’t synthetic like it is now: it was actually made out of silk! Using dental floss and an electric tooth brush are the best ways to take care of your teeth, so you won’t need false ones like George Washington later!

4. In our bodies, tooth enamel is the hardest surface. Our teeth are tough, and we do a lot to take care of them and make them look good. Teeth whitening gels and strips are especially popular today in making our teeth as white and beautiful as possible. Teeth whitening gels mix with your regular tooth paste to apply quickly and easily. Other teeth whitening treatments can be done in a cosmetic dental practice. Check out teeth whitening gels and strips in your pharmacy today if you want to make your smile brighter. Get more info here.